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Features You'll Adore
Get It Right
If you are an individual contributor or a professional or if you run a small company, the overload of a CRM can kill you. You end up not forecasting and this can harm your business.
dev61 is made to be simple and to do one thing and one thing only: help you get your forecast right.
Painless Forecasting
CRM systems need massive data input upfront to start showing any level of usfulness. With dev61 you just input your deal names, values and the week you expect to close them.
Most forecasting tools are designed to let your boss get your forecast not to help you get it right.
dev61 is designed to help you.
Save Hours Of Work
With a minimum input effort get an immediate view on your expected results and a suggesion on what you can commit each week. With the Shared plan you can upload or download your deals so that working with your company CRM does not force you to do things twice.
Gain trust
Forecast accuracy is what makes you stand out of the crowd. Be accurate, get trusted.
dev61 keeps track of your performance and gives you hints to improve your accuracy.
Always ready
Becasue you know how it goes. You should always know: "where am I with my target?". See you actionable pipeline. Focus your work on the deals that can make the difference.
Most corporate systems force you to disclose data that you are still validating. This quite often ends up in you being forced to commit a forecast you do not trust 100%. Validate your forecast before committing.
Simple Pricing
Test drive it
You have 7 days to see if dev61 is the right product for you.
If you find it is not giving you any help, simply go to your account settings and delete your subscription. We will not charge your credit card.
Save more money
Leverage our yearly subscription discount.
Get 2 months free for each yearly subscription.
Sleep like a baby
We do not store your credit card data.
Your sensible data does not even touch our servers.
All your deal data, sent to and received from our servers, is encrypted.
  • Weekly Forecast
  • Pipeline Management
  • Performance Dashboards
  • Charts

  • Weekly Forecast
  • Pipeline Management
  • Performance Dashboards
  • Charts
  • Data Export

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